The day is young;

the night is dark;

the rain is pouring down.

I sit and wait.

My Saviour’s near.

I call His Name;

I wait for Him to come

and sit with me.

His gentle peace

surrounds me here;

my anxious thoughts are stilled;

I turn to Him.

His Father, God,

supplies my needs

while Jesus gives me strength

and purpose true.

That other One,

the Spirit bright,

glows in my weary heart

and bids me rest.

Now daybreak comes;

the light appears;

the rain has stopped for now.

I stand to serve….



Purple and orange, red, green and violet,

streaked with magenta and dotted with blue-

that’s how it feels when the panic takes hold,

order and peace leave, and chaos rides high.

Answers are pointless for questions fly fast.

Hard on their tails comes the quick rush of fear.

Red hot, the breath comes in shivering gusts,

or dark blue, paralysis takes up the slack

New thoughts and feelings surge into my head.

Yellow and crimson the fear and the dread.

What do I do now? How can I cope?

Help me, O please someone, come to my aid!

Into the maelstrom of colour and chaos,

a sliver of silver comes piercing the fray,

straight through, so balanced, shining and placid,

giving an aura of order and calm.

Coming so swift like a shaft from above,

giving a focus away from the mess,

speaking of certainty, solid and true,

sent by the One who knows every trial.

September 2016


I look around me. Everything seems dark.

I feel alone. I cannot find my way.

A hopeless sense of deep despair pervades

my being as I cry and hug myself.

Time passes and I know there is no point

in sitting with Self-pity in deep gloom.

I look above me. There I see some light.,

not strong, clear sunshine, but a growing glow.

So far away, I cannot feel a change

I think I’ll just remain here in the dark.

Time passes and I know I should move on.

Self-pity wastes my time and keeps me low.

I look beyond this pit of self-made pain

to see the hills around, now bathed in light.

The sun has risen; dark, dense shadows fly;

this thought brings hope to my sad, troubled soul.

I cannot wait for time to pass some more.

I’ll stand and shout, I’ll move out to that land;

I’ll feel the warmth and see the light around;

Self-pity cannot, will not win the day.

I cast him off; I walk into the light;

I feel the sun; I see the land around;

I move once more in freedom, peace and love.

I’ll not return. Self-pity will not win.

I live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Because there are so many hills and valleys, our village lies in shadow as the sun rises, while the hills around catch the light and reflect it to us, until at length, the sun tops the hill and we are bathed in light and warmth. As I was walking this morning, I felt that this was saying something to me, so I wrote…


Father, I saw You, You danced with delight,

the Three interweaving as One.

It was not till much later I found out that day

You had glimpse of Your prodigal son.

He turned in his heart for one moment to You,

sitting a while in Your Presence,

and You sang over him in your pleasure and love

at his turning again towards You.

That son I see now, mired again in the mud,

and my heart starts to question within me.

I remember the way that You danced and I find

my weak faith again growing stronger..

September 2014

Another angle – having read Shekhar’s ‘I am …’

Enigma Variations

My mind can roam through countless galaxies;
my brain  can know a million different facts;
I can absorb and understand how time exists
and how it works, and where the sun came from
and when it goes, and atoms, molecules and so much more.

My strength is infinite, my eyes can see
beyond the realms of these terrestrial spheres;
My wisdom knows no bounds. It all makes sense,
the reasoning and purpose crystal clear.

What am I? I am just a man – or woman
made this way against the day when future dawns
and finite bodies melt and are replaced
with casing as it always was ordained…
to be.



The Life We Lead

It’s what we nurture in our hearts

That really matters;

It’s how we see ourselves and those

Important to us.

We say we trust in God and love

His word above all,

Yet often we ignore His call

And struggle onwards.

We love our spouse and want to show

Affection always

But bedtime finds us cold and dull

Or hot and angry.

Our children beg our time to play

Or listen to them-

We keep on promising but then

Never deliver.

We know our lives are full of stuff

That kills our spirit

but we’re too tired or busy to

notice the warning.

Our focus soon homes in on ‘self’

And it’s survival,

Ignoring all the hurts to those

Around who love us.

One day in later years our life

Has room for others.

We look around to find ourselves

Alone and empty.



Without You in my life, what would I strive for?

A shivering wreck, trying hard to impart

a polished impression of making the grade,

of holding it all rightly together,

still pressing on through ‘daily improvement’

towards a known goal of ‘perceived happiness’.

My days would be predictable constants

of shattered pieces meeting and parting

in the kaleidoscope of human life,

sometimes achieving a pretty pattern

filled with dim light and half-glowing colours,

more often jarring with discordant shapes.

My mind would change from one day to other,

sometimes all grey with bleak indecision –

the path so unclear, the future now dim;

at other times, a clear shape would form there,

resolving into a bright coloured pattern

that I would grasp, eager to follow.

My soul, in it’s sure ‘self-regulation’

would flit from plan to purpose renewed,

ever seeking improvement, refinement

by it’s own efforts, never accepting

that nought of any eternal value

can be accomplished whilst at odds with You…..

Jan 2013